Our classroom setting provides our children with a safe, comfortable, clean and well-organized environment.

Our Class Sizes

We strongly believe that class size is an important part of the overall environment of a classroom. Our ratios range from 1:4 in our toddler room, 1:6 in our 2’s classrooms and 1:8 in our 3’s and Pre-K classrooms. We are proud that our ratios fall well below the state-mandated requirement of 1:12 in a preschool classroom. Each classroom has a minimum of two teachers and an assistant. Our unusually low ratios make it possible for our teachers to provide more time with each student and incorporate more detailed projects into all areas of our curriculum.

Our Staff

Little Oak Preschool is very proud of its team teachers. We employ teachers and assistants who are passionate about working with children at the preschool level; are energetic, nurturing and creative; and have backgrounds in early childhood education.

The State of California requires that preschool teachers have a minimum of 12 college units in early childhood education or child development and a minimum of six months experience working in a licensed center. All of our teachers meet or exceed this state requirement, and the majority have their bachelor’s degrees as well as a minimum of two years experience in a preschool setting. Additionally, all staff members are fingerprinted and pass a criminal background check prior to hiring.

All of our teachers and assistants meet or exceed the educational requirements set forth by the California Department of Social Services. We pride ourselves on our highly-qualified, educated staff and our 1:6 or 1:8 ratios. We require each teacher to participate in an on-going program of in-service education so that we may keep current on new developments pertaining to the health and betterment of our children.

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