Monthly Tuition
2017-2018 School Year)

Nursery/Toddler* Rates:

Schedule                   2 days          3 days          5 days
Half Day**               $704.00        $958.00        $1,533.00

Full day***              $929.00        $1,189.00      $1,787.00

*Honeybees and Butterflies = Infants; Goldfish = Toddlers
**Only available for Goldfish class.
***Honeybee and Butterfly classrooms close at 5:00 pm. Goldfish room closes at 6:00 pm.

2’s thru Pre-K Rates:

Schedule                   2 days          3 days          5 days
Half Day                  $595.00        $833.00        $1,320.00

Ext. Day                  $676.00        $991.00        $1,503.00

Full day                   $729.00        $1,094.00      $1,600.00

Payment of Fees

Please read the following sections carefully. Monthly tuition payments are due on the 1st of every month in advance. The monthly tuition amount is calculated by taking the annual tuition amount and dividing by the ten payments in a school year, September through mid-June.

The first payment for the school year is due at the time a new student’s enrollment is confirmed. The first month’s tuition for continuing students is due in July. The next nine payments (October through June) are equal monthly tuition amounts, due on the 1st of the month and late after the 3rd. Full tuition amounts are due for December and June. The first month’s tuition—paid at the time your child’s enrollment is confirmed—is non-refundable. Also non-refundable is the $200.00 registration fee.

*Please read the “Tuition” paragraph at the front of the handbook for a detailed explanation of our various payment options. A 45-day notice for your child’s withdrawal must be received no later than March 1st, 2018, to relinquish your financial obligation for the remaining months of the school year (April-June).

Please be sure you have read, understand and agree to above tuition information prior to signing and returning the Tuition/Fee Schedule Confirmation in your registration packet. Thank you.

Waiting List & School Tours

We schedule campus tours as space becomes available in a given classroom. If a waiting list exists for a specific room, interested parents are asked to complete a Wait List Form that will be kept on file until an opening that matches their needs becomes available. If we have a current opening that fits a parent’s request, our director, Jen Potmesil, will schedule a tour at that time. This policy is true for both our preschool and toddler rooms.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp program begins mid-June and ends mid-August. It is broken up into 2- and 4-week sessions, and enrollment is open to all children. Parents may choose a half day, extended day or full day schedule that ranges from two to five days per week. This is a great opportunity for our continuing students to enhance what they have learned during the prior school year and for new and continuing students to experience a fun, creative, safe summer camp atmosphere. Each week is divided into fun, age-appropriate themes and enhanced with visitors, including My Petting Zoo; My Reptile Zoo; Happy Birds; magicians and more.

The Summer Camp programs at Little Oak (mid-June to early August) have separate tuition schedules. Tuition for Summer Camp is due at the time of registration. Please note that if you register for Summer Camp 1, in the month of June you will receive two tuition statements. One statement for the final month of the regular school term, and one for the first summer program that begins in June.

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