Happy Birthday, Miss Linda!

Here are five things you might not know about the birthday girl:

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Upcoming Sharing Days

Mark your calendars:
Wednesday, September 26th
Thursday, September 27th

If your child attends both days, please choose one day for the child to share something special. Also, please be sure to label the item. Since we have limited storage space, we need to ask that your child’s sharing item not be too large. The following is a list of suggested sharing items:

  • Pictures of family, vacations, special celebrations, etc.
  • A favorite book
  • Something that begins with the “Letter of the Week”
  • Share something special about you (i.e. your favorite sport, activity, etc.)
  • A special piece of artwork
  • Something they collected/found in nature

Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Miss Beth!

Here are five things you might not know about the birthday girl: Read More

Happy Birthday, Miss Betsy!

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No School on Labor Day

Parent reminder:

Little Oak will be closed this Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day!

Have a great long weekend, and we will see you on Tuesday, September 4th—and at Back-to-School Night on the 5th!

Parent Reminder: Back-to-School Night

Please read important information below:

This is an open-house style evening for parents only.

We are looking forward to our Back-to-School Night scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th. To accommodate the large number of parents who will be attending, we have staggered the time schedule. Please do not arrive prior to your child’s classroom time, as the teachers need plenty of time to get things prepared and ready. Although there will not be a formal presentation, Back-to-School Night is a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and explore the classrooms and campus. Please mark your calendar with the time listed below for your child’s class. 


  • Goldfish, Red Birds, Blue Birds, Yellow Ducks and Green Frogs: 6:30-7:15
  • Polar Bears and Brown Bears: 7:00-7:45

Parent Reminder: Birthday Celebrations

We believe the celebration of a child’s birthday is one of the most special occasions in their young life. We welcome parents to bring in a special birthday treat* and share in the celebration, however we do have some reminders that make for easier and happier birthdays here at Little Oak:

  • We ask that you bring in one treat only for each student in your child’s class. We have found over the years it is difficult to have balloons, flowers, etc. in our classroom setting.
  • Please remember to bring treats that are peanut/nut/raw egg free, and avoid foods that are made in facilities that use peanut/nut products. It’s also a great idea to call ahead and see if there are any other allergies specific to your child’s classroom.
  • Please talk with your child’s teacher ahead of time if you will be bringing a treat to school and on what day. There are times when there can be multiple classroom birthdays and other times when we have pre-arranged a classroom activity/snack that could conflict. We can also arrange for the time of the day for the treat to be served (i.e. cookies and cupcakes will be served after lunch, and bagels and muffins will be served for our mid-morning snack).

*Treat Ideas:

  • nut-free cupcakes/cookies
  • bagels
  • muffins
  • popsicles
  • fruit
  • even a favorite snack!

Sometimes even the presentation of an ordinary snack item on a cute napkin can make the birthday treat special. Also, please take size into consideration: donut holes work better than large chocolate covered ones… less is always more… small and simply sweet vs. large and overly sweet please 🙂 

If you prefer to bring something other than food, children have enjoyed donating a book of their choice to the school’s library. Taping a picture of your child on the inside cover and writing your child’s name and date makes this a special birthday memory.

We look forward to sharing your special day,

Your friends at Little Oak

Lunch Box (+ Allergy) Info

Refrigerated items:

When bringing refrigerated items into the classroom, please be sure to label your child’s food items and place into our cold-item bin.  However, these bins have been overflowing so we can also suggest packing your lunch boxes with an icepack and/or refrigerating only the items that really need to stay cold (i.e. yogurt, etc.). Items like sandwiches and cracker-type snacks can stay in the lunch bags.

Items to be warmed:

When sending in food that will need to be heated prior to lunchtime, please send the food inside the microwaveable container that you wish to have the food warmed up and served in. You can purchase microwaveable containers with lids at Target, Walmart, etc. Feel free to ask your teachers if you have any questions.

Labeling sandwiches: 

If you bring a sandwich with a spread that resembles a nut-spread but is not (i.e. soy butter or sunflower butter), please be sure to label your items.

***Updated policy: NO NUT OR EGG***
We have severe nut and egg allergies in the school.

As we face a growing number of children here that are dealing with food allergies and, specifically, potentially life-threatening peanut, tree nut and egg allergies, Little Oak Preschool will be a peanut, tree nut and egg** free preschool, beginning Summer 2017 and going forward into the 2017/2018 school year.  

As a school dedicated to some of the youngest members of our community, we understand that many of our students are less able to manage their allergies and food items independently along with keeping food contained to their space. Our staff will continue to sanitize toys, tables and chairs and to monitor snacks and lunches, however, we would like to go forward and have your families comply with the peanut/nut/egg** free campus and save your peanut, tree nut and eggs** to be eaten at home and not at Little Oak.

Allergy update and clarification (please read):

Thank you for your sensitivity to our food allergy issues here at Little Oak. It has come to our attention that there are a few questions about the foods we are asking ALL classes (Honeybees, Butterflies, Goldfish, Red Birds, Blue Birds, Yellow Ducks, Green Frogs, Polar Bears and Brown Bears) to avoid bringing here at school.  

We know that peanuts, nut products and eggs** can be staples in your family diet. It is important for us here at Little Oak to be diligent and as cautious as possible. We appreciate your compliance. Here are a few clarifications:

Peanuts/Nut Products: Please avoid bringing anything into school that contains peanuts or nut products. Food that has been made on equipment that contains nuts/peanuts is ok. Food that is made in a facility with nuts/peanuts is ok. Foods containing peanuts/nuts is not ok.

**Egg: This is a hard one to define as “eggs” can be found in many products. For the time being, we are currently asking that eggs and egg products remain away from Little Oak… eggs baked within foods are the exception. Examples of “eggs” and “egg products”  we cannot have here at Little Oak are:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Cooked eggs
  • Eggs within a breakfast sandwich or wrap
  • Hardboiled eggs

Please feel free to call or come into the office if you have any allergy or specific questions, or need alternate meal ideas—we would love to help.

Thank you, and happy lunching!



Parent Reminder: Dropping Off & Picking Up

Early Bird Morning Drop-Offs

Please note the drop-off locations listed below if your child is arriving to school between 7:30-8:00am. If your child is in the…

  • 2’s Class: Red Bird Classroom
  • 3’s Class: Yellow Duck Classroom
  • Pre-K: Polar Bear Classroom

At 8:00am, all students will be taken to their classroom by one of their teachers.

Shh! Our babies our sleeping…

We just wanted to remind all parents AND students to walk with quiet voices when walking down the walkway to and from your classrooms. Our Honeybees & Butterflies are sleeping and we like them to get their full naps. Parents, if you could remind your kids to tip-toe and whisper we would really appreciate it!! Thank you for your help and understanding!

Pick-Up Times

We want to remind all parents that all children be picked up a few minutes prior or NO LATER than their scheduled pick-up time (Gathering belongings/other siblings should also be factored into this time).

  • Pick-up times for the 2’s, 3’s & Pre-K are 12:30, 3:30 and 6:00
  • Pick up times for the Goldfish are 12:30 and 6:00
  • Pick up time for the Honeybee & Butterfly rooms is 5:00

Not only do our teachers and assistants take their lunches or finish their days and head to classes, commitments and even their own family obligations, they also need to allow time to clean and sanitize without children in the room. Because they need this extra time, we would greatly appreciate your help with punctuality. Also, children being picked up on time allows us to maintain our required ratios.  

Please note: A late fee of $1.00 per minute will apply for students who are picked-up more than five minutes past their pick up time.

Thank you for helping us with this, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Update: Art with Miss Jenny

Dear Little Oak families,

Miss Jenny, our amazing art teacher, has broken her foot and will be taking some time off to heal. She will be keeping us updated on her recovery and when she can return to the classroom. We will keep you updated as we know more. We hope Miss Jenny recovers quickly!

Thank you,

LOP office

Happy Birthday, Miss Carmen!

Here are five things you might not know about the birthday girl:

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Happy Birthday, Miss Christie!

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