How to Order Scholastic Books in April

Hello Little Oak families,

I hope, as you are reading this, you are healthy, home, and trying to stay creative and happy. Although I am really missing my Little Oak family, I, too, am healthy, happy and home with my daughters.

I wanted to let you know that this next month’s Scholastic Book Order will be all online, and the books will come straight to you. Simply visit Scholastic Book Clubs “Pop Up Shop”, where you can order books to be delivered to your home. If you enter our school code when you check out, Little Oak will still earn bonus points for your orders.  

The class code for Little Oak Preschool is: GXR4Y

I searched around, and there are a ton of fun books for all ages. You can even search by age and grade level, so if you have elementary ages or even junior high students, this is a great time to pick up some books and even book series. (My girls loved the Magic Tree House series and the Rainbow Magic series.)

You will also find that Scholastic has more than just books. Be sure to check out their manipulatives that you can use for your home-schooling, arts & crafts, and bedtime stories. The follow-along books/CDs are a great idea for when you want a guided reading time.  

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or need book suggestions or even creative ideas for your at home learning.

I am missing each and every one of you and your children right now!

Happy reading,
Carolyn Moore

Resources for Parents During Shelter in Place

We hope you and your children are staying healthy and happy during this shelter in place. Our hope is to continue supporting you, even during the school closure. We will continue to post our weekly themes, along with lesson and activity ideas, daily on our Instagram stories You can share your ideas as well by tagging us (@littleoakpreschool), and we will share your new at-home routine with our community.

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Additionally, we are excited to announce that Miss Katie will resume her True Nature yoga program virtually! While this was only offered to our Pre-K and 3s classrooms (Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Yellow Ducks, and Green Frogs), we will be offering it to all LOP students via Zoom. Starting this week, classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10am to 10:30am. This platform is new to us, yet we are excited to see how it goes!

Bookmark this link to access preschool yoga. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Sherry!

Here are some things her Goldfish team love about working with her:

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Important COVID-19 Update

We just received notification that all Santa Clara County schools are closing due to COVID-19. Little Oak Preschool will be closing at the end of the day today, Friday, March 13th.  We will remain closed through April 10th Read More

Upcoming Sharing Days

Mark your calendars:
Wednesday, March 4th
Thursday, March 5th

If your child attends both days, please choose one day for the child to share something special. Also, please be sure to label the item. Since we have limited storage space, we need to ask that your child’s sharing item not be too large. The following is a list of suggested sharing items:

  • Pictures of family, vacations, special celebrations, etc.
  • A favorite book
  • Something that begins with the “Letter of the Week”
  • Share something special about you (i.e. your favorite sport, activity, etc.)
  • A special piece of artwork
  • Something they collected/found in nature

Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Miss Chelsie!

Here are some things her co-teachers in the nursery love about working with her:

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Happy Birthday, Miss Jessie!

Here are some things her team in the nursery love about working with her:

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