Happy Birthday, Miss Ryan!

Here are some things her team in the nursery love about working with her:

  1. “I love that Ryan always comes into the classroom with a positive attitude. I always see and hear her singing and dancing with the kids, and I love how much the kids love her. I also really appreciate her dedication to the school and her willingness to go above and beyond her expectations!” –Miss Megan
  2. “I love Ryan’s chill personality. But when she’s with the kids, her energy is 100% LIT. My favorite is looking over into the classroom and seeing her dance with the kids to Baby Shark! She’s caring and is a straight-up person – I love that about her. I appreciate how she loves the kids and is a great team player to the nursery team. Love having our Miss Ryan around, and wishing her the best birthday!” –Miss Jessie
  3. “What I enjoy about Ryan is that she cares about the babies and is dedicated to the classroom’s needs. She also has a nice smile!” -Miss Angela

  4. “Ryan is energetic and always coming up with new ideas for art and the classroom. She is also very dependable and a hard worker.” –Miss Chelsie

Wishing the Butterfly caregiver a very special day!

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