LOP New Year’s Resolutions & Intentions

Happy New Year! We asked our team members to tell us their resolutions and intentions for 2018. Take a trip around the school to see what they had to say:

Office (& Beyond)

  • Jen: “to be more active and stretch more!”
  • Carolyn: “to continue being mindful—I have a new tool, The Five-Minute Journal, in which I write about what I’m grateful for every morning and night!”
  • Marta: “to be more optimistic.”
  • Beth: “to save more money.”
  • Miss Jenny: “to be nicer to Miss Katie.”
  • Maestra Judy: “I must’ve broken it because I forgot what it was!”


  • Miss Chelsie: “to simplify my daily routines with work and kids—getting better at planning what’s for dinner and having a smoother morning, getting the kids out the door.”
  • Miss Lisa: “I don’t have one. I’m already perfect. ;)”



  • Miss Megan: “to continue building my photography business.”
  • Miss Jessie: “to be more decisive.”



  • Miss Stephanie: “So, I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I find them to be too much pressure and if you don’t fulfill them, then it can become disappointing. So instead, I told myself I just want to be happy. Last year I had a challenging time, personally. And I felt like it overshadowed a lot of the good, and I don’t want that to happen again. So I’m going to do my best to be in the moment and enjoy my life. :)”
  • Miss Sherry: “to work out more.”
  • Miss Carmen: “to be more independent.”


Red Birds

  • Miss Racquel: “to spend more time on self-care.”
  • Miss Denise: “to travel more.”
  • Miss Breanna: “to stay in school and get more sleep.”


Blue Birds

  • Miss Teresa: “to read more.”
  • Miss Linda: “to celebrate more!”


Yellow Ducks 

  • Miss Christie: “to be a better person every day.”
  • Miss Katie: “I’m trying to give up sugar… but it’s tough with all the donuts and preschool treats I’m tempted with on a regular basis! Also, spending more time outdoors is one of my new priorities.”
  • Miss Michelle: “to focus more on myself and my overall health. I want to rekindle my hobbies that were very therapeutic to me which were art, playing the violin and reading books. I am also making it a new goal to start exercising. :)”


Green Frogs

  • Miss Betsy: “to have fun every day!”
  • Miss Lucy: “to eat less red meat and dairy.”
  • Miss Jennie: “to further my education.”


Polar Bears

  • Miss Tova: “to exercise more and eat healthier.”
  • Miss Taylor: “to workout more and eat healthier.”
  • Miss Christina: “I’m hoping to finish my school classes.”


Brown Bears

  • Miss Kelly: “to get to the beach/oceanside at least twice a month.”
  • Miss Sarah: “My word for 2018 is commitment. When I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to follow through.”
  • Miss Kacie: “I don’t make any!”


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