Parent Reminder: Birthday Celebrations

We believe the celebration of a child’s birthday is one of the most special occasions in their young life. We welcome parents to bring in a special birthday treat* and share in the celebration, however we do have some reminders that make for easier and happier birthdays here at Little Oak:

  • We ask that you bring in one treat only for each student in your child’s class. We have found over the years it is difficult to have balloons, flowers, etc. in our classroom setting.
  • Please remember to bring treats that are peanut/nut/raw egg free, and avoid foods that are made in facilities that use peanut/nut products. It’s also a great idea to call ahead and see if there are any other allergies specific to your child’s classroom.
  • Please talk with your child’s teacher ahead of time if you will be bringing a treat to school and on what day. There are times when there can be multiple classroom birthdays and other times when we have pre-arranged a classroom activity/snack that could conflict. We can also arrange for the time of the day for the treat to be served (i.e. cookies and cupcakes will be served after lunch, and bagels and muffins will be served for our mid-morning snack).

*Treat Ideas:

  • nut-free cupcakes/cookies
  • bagels
  • muffins
  • popsicles
  • fruit
  • even a favorite snack!

Sometimes even the presentation of an ordinary snack item on a cute napkin can make the birthday treat special. Also, please take size into consideration: donut holes work better than large chocolate covered ones… less is always more… small and simply sweet vs. large and overly sweet please 🙂 

If you prefer to bring something other than food, children have enjoyed donating a book of their choice to the school’s library. Taping a picture of your child on the inside cover and writing your child’s name and date makes this a special birthday memory.

We look forward to sharing your special day,

Your friends at Little Oak

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