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Two-Year-Old Curriculum Information

Our preschool curriculum focuses on providing a variety of developmentally, age-appropriate experiences that are essential to early childhood education.  Our students are continuously building on and mastering various skills through a variety of different lessons, centers and activities.  Our teachers lesson plan weekly and include art, cooking, science, and reading in the plan for the week.  In addition to this plan, teachers provide the opportunity for daily experiences through imaginative play, manipulatives, motor and sensory activities, and fine and gross motor activities.  Students are encouraged to explore through play and to try new things.  Little Oak’s philosophy has always been that children learn wonderful things about themselves and the world around them through play and exploration.  

Our preschool program includes a curriculum for each of our age groups as our students grow and transition into the different classes.  Our goal for each of our classes is to develop and enhance a child’s love of learning and to provide an array of experiences that promote positive growth in all areas.  Here are some of the areas that are included in our two-year-old curriculum:

Social Interaction and Developmental Skills

  • Children’s Sharing Days- Monthly event where a child brings an item to present in front of the class.
  • Cooking – Through the weekly activity of spreading, pouring, counting, etc. students practice many critical skills as well as hand-eye coordination.
  • Conflict resolution skills are taught and implemented with teacher support.
  • Communication skills are developed through interaction with peers and teachers.
  • Group discussions of the weekly theme, daily calendar, etc. build confidence and group speaking skills.
  • Teacher directed group activities that encourage team building are provided daily.
  • Single step direction and age-appropriate problem solving skills are developed and nurtured.

Academic Preparation

  • Weekly Theme – Children learn about our themes through a variety of activities each week.
  • Arts and Crafts – Children explore their creativity and imagination through teacher directed projects and free art.  
  • Music, Movement and Stories – Musical instruments, dance and movement to music, and teacher led story time all build motor and listening skills.
  • Letters and Numbers – Through books, songs and activities, children are exposed to all letters of the alphabet and number from 1-10.
  • Fine Motor Skills – Activities in art and cooking, and using manipulatives, helps to build fine motor development.
  • Colors and Shapes – Early recognition is provided through teacher led activities, discussions and experiences.

Group Orientation

  • Group listening skills and manners in a group setting are explained and encouraged daily.
  • Working in and tending to our Children’s Garden builds social, motor, cognitive and listening skills.

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